Course Information

for Chaplaincy Department


Crisis, Addiction, Trauma (CP3275)


Study of professional approaches to crisis intervention, including approved practices in immediate intervention, appropriate referrals, follow-up, and dealing with relevant community agencies at various levels of intervention; and to addiction and anti-social behavior resulting from physical or emotional trauma, along with applicable philosophical and religious thought, such as theory and practice of forgiveness, mussar and self-improvement, the nature of supportive communities.

CPE Seminar (CP3280)


Extended form (scheduled over two semesters). Repeatable up to 8 semesters with permission of instructor.

Clinical Seminar (CP3285)


A summer intensive version of CP 3280, with clinical training. Offered periodically.

Creative Ritual (CP3311)


Study of the spectrum of life’s passages and milestones, including childbirth, puberty, conversion, marriage, singlehood, mid-life, divorce, aging, and death; illuminated using halachic material, study of traditional customs, personal narratives, and insights derived from contemporary practice.

Mourning to Dancing (CP3312)


Traditional Jewish rituals of death and mourning understood through halachic material, personal narratives, and contemporary practice.

Individual Studies in Chaplaincy (CP4000)


Individualized study in Chaplaincy.